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eat@Novotel Century
eat@Novotel Century
Le Café
An unique place for international buffet experience in the Wanchai city center.
eat@Novotel Century
Pepino Italian Restaurant
Let's discover Pepino's
traditional cuisine from Italy!
eat@Novotel Century
AK's Bar & Lounge
With the glass,steel and colored lights of AK's, relax and ejoy the city life of Hong Kong.

eat@Novotel Century eat@Novotel Century eat@Novotel Century   
eat@Novotel Century

Celebrate Birthdays @ Novotel Century

Celebrate and enjoy special benefits for you and your friends birthday @ Novotel Century!

Click here for more information. 

eat@Novotel Century
We want your comment!
eat@Novotel Century
We treasure your comment!! Drop an email at eat@novotelcenturyhk.com and tell us what you want us to do more for you!
eat@Novotel Century
Pepino is back at Novotel Century ! Click here to discover his new restaurant and his secret recipes !


Kid's Corner
eat@Novotel Century
While you are eating, you children can have fun in the kid's corner! Click Here to enter the Kid's Corner and discover the kid menu, the kid placemates, the pizza making workshop, and more !

Wedding @ Novotel Century

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